Useless eaters

Borrowing a phrase from other right wing parties over the years, we become the useless eaters of society once again!

The waiting game

Apparently due to the fact that so many disabled claiments had their benefits reinstated following legal appeal, McVey is now claiming that the extra paperwork means that some of them won’t get their back payments until after the summer! And OK, I know I said I’d leave IDS alone now, but the bloke still comes creeping out of the wood work so what’s am I expected to do?!

New face, same old agenda

Originally created with David Cameron with the red pen in his hand, we soon discovered that his successor is running pretty much the same agenda!

Works for her!

As mentioned, McVey is happily carrying on the programme started by Iain Duncan Smith, penalising disabled people for just being … well, disabled it would seem! Rumours of incentive bonus’ of millions of pounds paid to ATOS and CAPITA for failing disabled claiments and over 16 million pounds of unclaimed benefits being syphoned off to who knows where!

Fish in a barrel

And before I leave Iain Duncan Smith alone, here’s one more involving him with one of the private organisations he employed to carry out assessments of disabled people … speaks for itself I feel!

Only following orders

Just a few of the men involved with dumping on disabled people and robbing us of many of our rights. Iain Duncan Smith pushed through much of the DWP legislation that robbed many of us of our benefits. Despite many cases being reversed at appeal, and the benefits being reinstated, there has been no apology from the DWP and no penalty imposed upon the private companies they employed to undertake the original assessments.

Going Political

Sorry guys, been a bit poorly so way behind with my blogs etc. Still, here are a few catch-ups for you. I won’t put a lot of text but let the toons speak for themself …

This one was inspired by McVey who was slotted into post as the Minister for disabled people by Iain Duncan Smith. As expected, she continued with his draconion policies and during her tenure made herself even less popular than IDS!